Reference Projects

Reference projects

Reconstruction gas regulation station

Reconstruction of gas regulating station - Duslo a. s.

  • Completion: 02/2018
  • Project: gas regulation station
  • Parameters: Q=80,000 Nm³/Std., PN75
Centre Educational Research and Innovation

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation – Táborisko Slávia – heating line

  • Completion: 05/2017
  • Project: heating line, DN 125-40, PN 0.6 MPa, length: 3,340 m

Fabrication of 6 pieces Doseure

  • Contract for new asphalt mixing plant in Germany
Working platform

Variable platform

  • Platform for mobile drilling rig MD80 (natural gas)
  • Operation in Germany

Pressure vessels

Pressure vessels

  • Pressure stage PN16 – PN100
  • Cyclone with a diameter of DN 1000 to DN 1800 in different lengths
  • Operation in the food- and petrochemical industry
Steel segments

Steel segments

  • Total of 39 tons
  • Application underneath tracks at the harbour in Torgau/Germany

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